who loves to pamper herself from top to bottom…
and so Heavenly Bottoms® was born.

“If we love to feel pretty and smell pretty, then why not indulge ourselves all over, including a bit of pampering to the booty.” That was the inspiration for Heavenly Bottoms®.

Heavenly Bottoms® was created to give some detailed attention to über feminine ladies everywhere, and make Cheeky Beauty Essentials™ the new norm.

Heavenly Bottoms® intimately understands the pampering needs of über feminine ladies. So for the first time, gorgeous goddesses across the globe can sit pretty and indulge in a complete beauty toilette, that will leave them feeling pampered from top…to bottom.

Our products are delicately formulated, beautifully packaged, and provide that finishing touch. From girly girls to vivacious vixens, Heavenly Bottoms® products are sure to tickle her fancy…and his too.

Heavenly Bottoms® is a “cheeky” a celebration of all things feminine, plush, and luxurious. We believe in sittin’ pretty and hope we inspire you to do the same. Sit Pretty is not just our tagline, it’s a lifestyle…so here’s a toast to all life’s little luxuries…Bottoms Up!

With Love from Heavenly Bottoms