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Goddess Body Brush 

An invigorating pre-bath ritual that’s been around for thousands of years. An ancient ritual that Egyptians were known to use as a way to give their skin a soft and supple glow.

Dry brushing instantly improves the appearance of dull, haggard skin and helps maintain a visibly healthy skin tone and texture.

Beautifully crafted, super luxe body brush that elevates your dry brushing game. So exquisite you’ll want to display it as a piece of artwork on your vanity. The natural wood handle fits comfortably in hand while natural boar bristles smooths your skin’s texture to a silky softness. Provides both a rejuvenating and an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Beauty & Wellness Benefits Of Dry Brushing
~Naturally exfoliates dry skin removing dull dead skin cells, dry patches, lumps and flakes
~Unclogs pores for better product absorbtion
~Helps to prevent ingrown hairs ~Increases tone and elasticity
~Helps reduce the appearance of cellulite
~Detoxifies skin by increasing blood flow
~Stimulates nervous system + Aids in stress relief
~Encourages lymphatic drainage

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3 products