1/ Feet - brush under the soles with long, straight, smooth and gentle strokes. Repeat same movements on the top of the feet.

2/ Calf & Tibia – brush upwards towards the heart, front and back side.

3/ Thighs - brush in circular movements moving upwards on front and back side. This will help combat cellulites

4/ Butt & Hips - brush upward towards the heart, front and back side. On front, make sure to end strokes at lymph nodes in the groin.

5/ Hands & Arms – as with feet, begin from palm and back of hands and move upwards from lower to upper arms.

6/ Belly - brush in half circular movements clockwise on top and bottom of belly.

7/ Lower back - brush upwards and outwards to the sides.

8/ Neck - brush from base of neck/jawline towards the shoulders.

Brush: H: 105 / W: 80 / L: 32 mm Box: H: 105 / W: 82 mm / L 35 mm